Big succes for Hanshow at EuroCIS 2019

Hanshow, the world’s leading smart store solution provider, participated at EuroCIS in Germany. Hanshow will appear at several exhibitions around the world and provide an experience of the latest smart store solutions in 2019.



EuroCIS is the leading exhibition of IT and solutions for Europe’s retail industry and focuses on intelligence, creativity and innovation. EuroCIS, an indispensable exhibition for Europe’s retail industry, is a very important platform for foreign companies to open the German market. The last EuroCIS covers 470 exhibitors and 12,000 merchants with an exhibition area up to 13,400 m2.


A huge hanging banner at the entrance guides the visitors to the Hanshow booth: 9/A07




During the 3 days of the exhibition, the Hanshow booth with outstanding design provides leading future retail application experiences, attracting considerable interests among visitors in 3 days.



Dynamic and static display: Hanshow’s new series of ESLs are displayed in an obvious look and the hardware features (waterproof, anti-collision, freezing, high-definition display) are dynamically displayed together with the interactive applications (Scan Go & Touch Go, page switch, lighting);

Display with absolute strength: Hanshow built an on-site smart experience store, where customers participated in the actual operation and intuitively felt the application of Hanshow’s smart store solution and the true effect in the store. The Hanshow staff on site provided suggestions of combined applications and the global cases for the exhibitor retailers who thoroughly experience Hanshow’s smart store solution.

Smart cashier: Scan Go & Touch Go based on ESLs provides consumers with various shopping options; consumers can shop conveniently with self-service cashier & smart shopping cart.

Smart display:  fixed location display with Hanshow ESLs, and provide the stock-out management solution by combining with AI image application.

Smart picking: Improve the picking efficiency of the store by creating the optimal picking route.

Smart map: Provide the commodity location route navigation and the picking route navigation and generate the popular sales map of the store making us of ESLs’ positioning function.

Smart screen application: Display marketing information in various ways.


During the afternoon of February 20th, Michael from Hanshow’s European branch delivered a keynote speech on “A guided tour through the Digital Store of tomorrow with Hanshow” and introduced the new smart store solutions at the EuroCIS forum.


Michael’s wonderful speech attracted many audiences. Many people stood to listen to Michael’s speech in the limited space available.


April Cao, Hanshow’s regional director, accepted an interview with Ixtenso magazine, which is one of Germany’s most famous retail media (please pay attention to Hanshow for detailed contents)

Hanshow spreads over the world with its success stories and has a deep understanding of the retail development trend: the retail businesses are inevitably integrated online and offline, and digitizing the retail store is essential to achieve refined operation, reflect the business profit and value. The upgrade of business is driven by integrated applications of data, the Internet of Things (wireless smart hardware devices), big data and artificial intelligence, which will empower the retail industry.


Hanshow’s future store digitization is the following:

The core business scenarios of the store operation is fundamental of digitalization which includes but not limited to, categories and commodities, layout and display, logistics and distribution, customers and experiences, promotions and activities, organization and manpower. The goal is to ultimately digitize the generalized supply chain.

The way to digitize the store: Apply Hanshow’s IoT hardware to generate data from business in the store and optimize the business scenario by integrating with new business data and traditional business data.

The goal of digitizing stores: how to apply these technologies and data to improve key business indicators and return to commercial essence.

The characteristics of the store digitization: use advanced technology to help “people” to make choices. Customers: the choices of buying commodities. Retail store employees: the choices of the right job at the right time.

Hanshow is considered a thought leader in the Chinese retail industry and is setting the standard for best practices. Hanshow is dedicated to provide insightful advice and recommendations to global partners, based on a deep experience of global and regional new retail business models. Hanshow always provide partners with the most advanced and professional expertise. If you look to lead the future of retail, partner with Hanshow!

Hanshow leads retail with smart technology!


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