Hanshow receives award from Walmart

The award aims to promote and enhance the cooperation between Wal-Mart and its key suppliers. On January 14, 2019, the Wal-Mart (China) IT Supplier Summit was held at the Wal-Mart (China) Headquarters in Shenzhen.

Hanshow, the world’s leading provider of smart store solutions, was invited to attend the summit. In the summit, Hanshow was highly praised and awarded for the “Excellent Supplier of the Year” of Walmart (China) Investment Co., Ltd. in 2018 with ESLs products, digital store solutions and fast-response and high-quality services.


The cooperation between Walmart (China) and Hanshow concentrates on the ESL application in the store and will integrate some smart store solutions to create a digital application scenario and provide the online and offline Omni-channel shopping model, which improves consumers’ experience.

Gradually “Younger” Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart, founded in 1962 by Mr. Sam Walton, has covered 27 countries, has more than 55 brands and businesses, owns more than 11,000 physical stores, employs more than 2.2 million employees, and is a long-established retail giant.


In early 2019, the new generation Sam’s CLUB store opened.

Wal-Mart continues to expand the offline business and its own innovation and begins to extend the online business. Since acquiring Jet.com for $3 billion in 2016, Wal-Mart has acquired several e-commerce companies including ModCloth, Moosejaw, Bonobos, Eloquii, Art.com, etc. which cover several businesses from clothing to underwear.

Wal-Mart started business in China in 1996. Nowadays, Wal-Mart Shopping Mall and Sam’s CLUB have become the well-known brands after 23 years. However, with the impact of e-commerce and the rapid development of new retail integrating online and offline business, the “younger” Wal-Mart (China) focuses on creating digital stores and an Omni-channel integrated shopping models, upgrading Sam’s CLUB. Wal-Mart (China) launched a new business “Wal-Mart HuiXuan Supermarket” in 2018.

Hanshow helps build an Omni-channel smart store

Wal-Mart (China) invested JD (China’ 2nd largest e-commerce mall) and JD DAOJIA (Real-time logistics) in 2016 announced an alliance with Tencent in June 2018. In past two years, Wal-Mart (China) has transitioned from the first generation O2O to the transformation of the current second-generation retail– Omni-channel smart retail.


The Wal-Mart HuiXuan Supermarket is theachievement of Wal-Mart’s smart retail development: simultaneous update of online and offline information, refined selection, convenient shopping, experience-oriented, fast delivery, efficient management, and technology application. The Wal-Mart HuiXuan Supermarket is considered as the forerunner of Wal-Mart’s new retail and the epitome of future stores, which provide good reference on operation models and new technology application.


Hanshow ESL application in Wal-Mart HuiXuan Supermarket

Back to the topic “Excellent Supplier of the Year” of Walmart (China) Investment Co., Ltd. in 2018. The initial cooperation between Wal-Mart (China) and Hanshow is the ESL application in the store. In terms of store operation, the Wal-Mart HuiXuan Supermarket adopts Hanshow’s ESLs, which can modify the price in the background uniformly, update the information in real time, realize online and offline price variations of thousands of categories of commodities and deeply integrates the online and offline business. In addition, Wal-Mart will digitize the location of each commodity and thus employees can accurately match the shelf number and the picking terminal and complete the picking quickly based on the optimal picking path specific to the shelf. The commodities ordered online are possibly delivered within 60 minutes. At present, more than 160 Wal-Mart stores in more than 20 cities across China provide one-hour delivery service of JD Daojia.


Convenient QR code scanning shopping by scanning Hanshow ESLs

The digital retail solution helps the Wal-Mart HuiXuan Supermarket to significantly improve the operation efficiency and enhances the customer’s shopping experience. The Wal-Mart HuiXuan Supermarket applies forefront cashier methods to provide customers with more payment options: scanning the commodity QR code on the self-service cash registers to complete payments quickly, or “scanning code shopping” with Wechat that each commodity is labeled with Hanshow ESL and customers could check out any time with Apps. The ESLs divert the store business to online business and thus the store can generate, collect, analyze and operate consumer behavior data, and create a smart, highly-efficient smart store focusing on customers’ experience.

The “Excellent Supplier of the Year” of Walmart (China) Investment Co., Ltd. in 2018 presents the recognition of good cooperation. In addition to ESL smart hardware applications, the in-depth cooperation lies in the combination of smart store solutions such as smart picking, smart cashier, smart marketing, smart display, smart map, etc. Let us look forward to an even better cooperation between Wal-mart and Hanshow!

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