Global shortage of components combined with a stressed transportation sector has proven to present a major problem for supplies all over the western world.

During the past 1.5 years of the pandemic, the world has changed in many ways. Nobody expected that it was possible to tip the balance of supplies and transportation, however, exactly that happened.

In a situation like this, smaller and more agile companies gets the upper hand in finding the solutions. During the time of the pandemic, we have never been unable to find transportation for our clients all over Europe and in the USA. We can also do this for your company.

We are specialists in sourcing from Asia - and we will always find vacant containers for the transportation. Also right now.

We have been sourcing from China for more than a decade. We have a vast network of suppliers and partners that we work with on a regular basis. On top of that we have a network of local shipping agents who always are able to hunt down the vacant containers or air cargo space.

Our local Chinese staff are educated by us, and one of our senior partners spends 6 months every year in China - visiting factories, doing quality control and finding new partners.

Are you looking for medical products?

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