About Hanshow Technology

Hanshow Technology is the manufacturer of the ESL labels from East West Instore Solutions. Hanshow is dedicated to providing competitive end to end solutions for the retail industry. As an integrated and professional manufacturer focusing on research and development, production, and service, Hanshow’s products cover electronic shelf label and ESL solutions.

Hanshow’s ESL system based on custom Wireless Application Protocol technology is widely used for every type of retail environment including hypermarkets, shopping malls, boutiques, chain stores, pharmacies and all the other retail sectors using price labels.Retailers can completely replace the conventional paper label with the hanshow ESL system which can update the price instantly and accurately, reduce costs, optimize management flow of supplier goods and inject new vitality into business management.

Hanshow stays up to date with the latest trends in retail commerce development. O2O is going to be a major factor in retail innovation which is fully integrated in Hanshow’s ESL solution. With your Smartphone, it’s possible to get product information through the QR code on the electronic shelf label, pay and share product information via social media and check for special offers and VIP discounts.

Hanshow has strong strategic partnerships with dominant players on the global ESL market. Primarily the strategic cooperation that Hanshow has with major manufacturers on the global market ensures the most efficient and cost friendly supply chain in the world. Securing Hanshow Technology the ability to administer strategic decisions on development and pricing.


  • Extensive R&D department
  • Scalable production facilities
  • Patented software protocols
  • Strong financial foundation
  • 4th largest manufacturer in the world
  • Strategic and direct partnership with marketleading suppliers
  • Selected by the National Chinese Retail Organisation to write the official protocol for ESL in China

Some of our clients: