(IMAGE: The development team with Svend Envoldsen, Executive Digital Manager from COOP far right, and teamleader Johan Pedersen, Delta, second from the right.)

For some time now we have been working together with the very clever people at the Energy Harvesting department of the Danish tech company DELTA AS and the Business Model Design Center at Aalborg University, with the purpose of developing ESL labels that are powered by the amount of artificial light available in a normal store. We have received funding for part of this development from the InfinIT programme by the Danish Ministry of Education and Research.

Our commercial partner for this project is the Danish retail chain COOP, and the testing of the prototypes is done in a special COOP store at the Headquarters of Coop.

We are very pleased with the development of the project. Testing has been going on for 4 weeks now, and it is directly measurable that the artificial light generates enough energy to secure the running of a 2.9″ 3 colored ESL label – in theory indefinately – but in practical terms a period of ten years – using only one battery instead of two. This is a major break through in the energy supply for ESL that will take away entirely the risk of battery power running out too early – leading to very costly, manual changes of batteries in millions of labels.

Next step is the design of a new casing for the ESL that will  integrate the high efficient solar panels in the design at low cost.

We will keep you informed about this development in here – so be sure to come back for more information.

Contact Michael Kastrupsen – mk (at) ewinstore.com for further information about this project.