During January 2016 Lasse Haakonsson from COOP DENMARK visited our ESL supplier Hanshow Technology in Beijing China together with EastWest Lighting COO Knud B. Lauritzen. It was some interesting days with store visits to inspect full installations of ESL from Hanshow. Through our cooperation with Invest in Denmark – and their China Director Rasmus Bjørnø – the program included a productive meeting with the Danish Ambassador to China, Mr. Carsten Damsgaard. Here the benefits of a cooperation between China and Denmark was discussed in detail, and the ground was laid for interesting future plans.

From left to right:

Teresa Lee, Danish Embassy – Knud Lauritzen, EastWest Instore – Folkwin Hay, Emea Sales Director Hanshow – Sally Liang, International Sales Director Hanshow – Lasse Haakonsson, Indirect Procurement Manager COOP – Carsten Damsgaard, Ambassador -Li Liangyang, VP Hanshow – Rasmus Bjørnø, Invest in Denmark.