We are happy to announce that we now are able to call us self a GROUP. The group consists of 3 companies: EastWest Lighting Company – the first one, that specialises in importing high quality LED lighting solutions from China. The second company is EastWest Trading Company, based in Hong Kong, which assists European companies with sourcing tasks in East Asia, and advices companies from East Asia on how to enter the European markets. The third company is of course EastWest Instore Solutions – that is an off spring of a sourcing commission from Denmarks largest retail chain. EastWest Instore supplies ESL solutions from Hanshow Technology as an exclusive partner for the Nordic market and non-exclusive for the rest of Europe.

Ownership and management of the three companies consists of the same group of people, which secures positive synergy between them.

We are looking forward to serving our growing number of clients with innovative instore solutions.